Q-MAT will take advantage of the Danish investment in the European Spallation Source (ESS) by building internationally leading competences and research capacity, to the benefit of basic and applied research.

Q-MAT has a strong scientific and strategic coupling to the design, construction, and operation  of ESS and has a wide participation from the Danish community as well as many international connections.

  • Q-MAT contains activities and competences for the study of magnetism and quantum materials fra theoretical predictions, materials discovery, utilization of X-ray and neutron facilities, to interpretation and modeling of results.
  • Q-MAT will employ 3 young research talents to build up new research and competence areas within theory, discovery, and investigations of novel quantum materials.
  • Q-MAT will have participation of the world leading neutron scientism Henrik M. Rønnow, based at EPFL (CH).
  • Q-MAT collaborates with leading Danish and international companies, as well as the Danish Technological Institute.
  • Q-MAT leads the construction and commissioning of BIFROST, one of the first instrument to operate at ESS. BIFROST will be unique for the study of magnetic and quantum materials.
  • Q-MAT will have a close collaboration with the ESS Data Management og Software Center within software for neutron simulation and data analysis.