About Q-Mat

The Lighthouse Q-MAT is a research project, covering the topic of quantum materials, including magnetic and superconducting materials.

Q-MAT is one of (at present) three "ESS Lighthouses" funded by NUFI and is a collaboration between 10 institutes at 6 Danish universities. Q-MAT was inaugurated 01.12.2020 and runs until 30.10.2025, with an expected second 5-year period until 2030.

Q-MAT will create the scientific network that will lay the foundation for the materials technology of the future, to be used within sutainability and energy to IT and health technology. We will design and understand the advanced quantum materials that will lay the foundation for the quantum technology of the future. With the world leading materials research facilities, MAX-IV and ESS, at our doorstep, we will get a unique opportunity to understand, and thereby control, the microscopic mechanisms that govern the properties of quantum materials.

Future discoveries at these facilities could lead to major scientific breakthoughs, and it is our ambition that Q-MAT will play a leading part herein. We are a strong interdisciplinary team of leading scientists with strong experience in neutron techniques, including people from materials chemistry, theoretical materials science, and the team that designed and is constructing BIFROST (one of the first instruments to be taken in use at the ESS).

As a part of the Lighthouse activities, we will expand the use of neutron scattering in the Danish community of materials research.

Universities and Institutes

  • University of Copenhagen (KU)
  •  - Niels Bohr Institute (lead)
  •  - Department of Chemistry
  •  - Department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management
  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
  •  - Department of Physics (deputy)
  •  - Department of Chemistry
  •  - Department of Energy Conversion and Storage
  • University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
  •  - Department of Physics, Chemistry, and Pharmacy
  • University of Aarhus (AU)
  •  - Department of Chemistry
  • University of Aalborg (AAU)
  •   - Department of Materials and Production
  • Roskilde University
  • - Department of Science and Environment

Other interested partners and observers

  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Microsoft Station-Q
  • Haldor Topsøe A/S
  • ABB AG (CH)
  • Linak A/S
  • Sintex A/S
  • Dovitech A/S
  • Dansk Magnetisk Forening